Warranty Policy

  • 1. DOA Warranty
    If found any DOA defects(Such as product cracking, scratching, paint loss, leakage and other problems),distributors can contact the representative to report the issue to claim DOA replacement within 7 days from Date of delivery.
    Note:If the dealer can not determine whether the scope of DOA, you can confirm with the after-sales specialist to deal with.
  • 2. If you are an End-User:
    MORFBAR offers a quality guarantee period of 1 day from date of purchase ('Warranty Period'). Within Warranty Period, we provide free-of-charge replacement of manufacturing defect which has been verified by MORFBAR.
    Please retain the purchase receipt and provide dealers with the purchase receipt for replacement. The defective products are collected by the dealer for unified after-sales treatment.
    Quality defects:
    a. Appearance problems: cracking, scratching and paint loss of the product.
    b. Functional problems: paste flavor, change of flavor, no smoke, smoking and oil absorption, oil leakage, etc.
  • 3. If there are other problems, please contact the purchasing store or after-sales service phone to apply for relevant after-sales service.